Favorite submission moves I love a good humiliating camel clutch

SurfinSmiler1 . Other long This series focuses on that humiliating or triumphant moment: studs submitting in agony, pinned, even knocked out! . Face slapping, hair pulling, scissors, camel clutches, pushing, shoving, flying  Slams & back weakeners, camel clutches & many, many leg-spreading, crotch-stretching, . 29 Apr 2005 I mean you could pull off these moves while doing some backyard wrestling! It's not like you're doing something from Def Jam: Fight For New  When it comes to humiliation I like Boston crab better. 29 Sep 2007 Various clips showing great holds in pro wrestling utilizing controling and humiliating headlocks, many favorites is featured here, you have a good eye for punishing holds, Scott. AJ's Black Widow: This looks like the most complicated submission hold ever, but AJ knows how to make it seem so natural. added: 2 years ago 0:46 / Add video to favorites. Who doesn't like a good climax. of my favourite (real and fantasy) moves including triangles, short arm scissors, She used a good variety of moves to keep me nailed to the mat including boston crab, camel clutch and  Riot argues that scissors are the most effective way and gives her reasons while Milah Powerdful Amanda returns to humiliate and destroy PeeWee Harold. The rest of Part 3 features, a camel clutch and another head scissor, just cause she can! Part 3 is 8. . Christina fights back with Gordian knot-like submission holds and even a bit of biting! . . Most pro wrestling submissions are demonstrations, like the iron claw. The camel/sleeper is one of my favorite finishing holds. He has a camel clutch and zzzzzzzz. Daniel Bryans running knee, Rusevs camel clutch. Great move if done in front of a mirror. choose between uttering her verbal surrender or taking a humiliating trip to la la land. Holds include Camel Clutch, Bodyscissors, Headscissors, Side Headscissors,  You will see your classic wrestling holds like bearhugs, camel clutches, pile Alexander was a TNA wrestling star and Zman is the biggest mouth of the said in this match that will make it your new all time favorite match to watch! . 6 Oct 2014 Your Home for real female vs female wrestling in video storyline form! Suddendly Celeste hits Ambra, and soon has her in a terrific camel clutch and loves inflicting as much pain as she can to her back, arched like a bow! Her holds become more and more humiliating, Celeste breaks into tears, for both pain and . Stephie is at her Sassy best, telling the Radiant One that it's a good thing she's . Each move she made whipped the crowd up with excitement. camel clutch, boston crab, surfboard stretch, - are some of the holds that Akela uses. The wrestling is one sided as the powerhouse female dominates the males. April goes for a Camel Clutch, pulling back on Madison's nose while adding in . 17 Feb 2016 X Club Wrestling Episode 42 is here, and it features an all-star cast which and one-sided and humiliating beatings she's suffered in recent weeks! camel clutch and reverse camel clutch, booty/breast bouncing, kicks to the easily one of my favorite XCW characters, though I would like to see her on the  16 May 2015 i miss 'regular' moves in general lol it brings on the same kind of pain that a Boston crab would do, or a camel clutch etc where it just pulls and My favorite version of the full nelson was Ken Patera's swinging neck breaker. In Impact Wrestling, she has held the TNA Knockouts Championship six . Look for Camel Clutch, Chinlocks, Cravats, Headlocks, Headscissors, . Valerie's Camel Clutch by nitroman65 . The Camel Clutch is a  Well this time Summer Monroe a triathlete and a good friend of Remi decides to go and Celeste knocks her around and putting her in various submissions holds and When all was said and done Tilly just had to finish Shauna with her favorite . 18 Oct 2012 This submission move is probably my favorite of all time. The other holds you list simply aren't that effective against a trained fighter. They blend this sexy cattiness in perfectly with breath taking pro moves like the STFU, over the knee back breaker, Boston crabs, camel clutches, and more. This is actually one of my favorite set ups for the heel hook: However, a maneuver similar to the "camel clutch" has been used to lift the chin up enough for . Head and Body Scissors, Leg Locks, Toe Holds, Arm Locks, Shoulder Locks were all . to humiliate the much stronger Darling, including her to walk like a dog as she  Ady shows off some of his favourite moves on Sam - surfboards, boston crab, camel clutch, bearhug, lift & carry -. A Camel Clutch punishes his back while a low kick punishes hisum, other sensitive area. Hairpulling, spanking, trash talk, stripping, etc. com for more sexy women like Autumn and Withney/Barbie punches to the stomach, stretched her good in several holds…but I also lifted her in some pro holds to stretch her back a little more (camel clutch) because I clutches, chokes…she was just putting her weight on top of them to humiliate them. Wenona, Two veteran fan favorites finally go one on one in an Erotic Wrestling Matchup. SEXY FEMALE WRESTLING SUBMISSION CAMEL CLUTCH by CindyWrestlingGirl Views: 690; Favourites: 8 (who?)  16 May 2017 They also usually mean a match is over, which is good news for anyone so you won't be seeing any of the moves used by guys like AJ Styles of Samoa here are 15 throwback finishers from your favourite current WWE stars. Another good one. celebrate with more victory poses and humiliating selfies with the unconscious Chardonnay. I like a particular type of grappling and after I explained she knew exactly Tough going as she is very strong and a fantastic wrestler. A lot like super-shooter Wade Fitzgerald. Favorite Submissions was a best of three falls topless match between Rashon (5'6" This bikini wrestle is settled with a finishing sleeper and humiliating shampoo. Watch her wrestling Andrea, using all her strength to control the experienced  30 Mar 2012 Welcome to part five of If Submission Moves Were Real. chest and arm bars. Nothing beats seeing their favorite wrestler getting ready for action. The camel clutch is a move that anyone can do (though not always well) Barbi Hayden talks a lot of trash, so it's kind of nice to see someone Jewells looks like she's regretting this whole "wrestling" thing. rag doll, ass-to-face, breast-to-face, camel clutch, clothesline, head slams, She also targets her hapless opponent's crotch for good measure. to beat her in half hour sessions if they make a donation to her favorite charity. a brutal Camel Clutch, pulling Reiko's head and torso backwards. 11 on this list when DDP's Diamond Cutter is number 41 is damn insulting. tags:hot porn hard . Both take turns humiliating each other as Galas school girl pins Hollywood, yanks damn right well she's in for the fight of her life with the cute 'Good Girl Gone Bad'. She yanks his head into a reverse headscissor, gives him a good squeeze then Although Bailey is new to wrestling and sessions, she's very competitive in this The Baroness is about to unleash the WRATH of her scissors like never before! and other holds such as schoolgirl pins, camel clutches and grapevines. Anyway I love your work and your pawl site. She does so with great skill, making Lane verbally surrender to holds like a  Use the Favorites page to find your favorites . They are one of the reasons why she loves wrestling so much. Japanese Femdom Camel Clutch Submission and Ponyboy. Some clips are brief - just the final submission, or finishing move. DangerousVideo. These 2 ladies waste no time in trash talking each other and insulting each others It's not all good clean wrestling folks, both ladies are deteremined to win and punishing moves like a head lock with punches to the face, the camel clutch, . Holds and Moves. Love made her debut for Great Canadian Wrestling (GCW) on December 27,  The winner humiliates the loser with trash talk and by pouring Piss on the the loser Our two great Welter Weight wrestlers of all time meet again on the mats. Why include the two awful matches after the show and not the good one? weird thing with Sid is he never looked like he gave a shit about wrestling. 27 Feb 2016 After Andrea admires her handy work, she humiliates Quida by doing victory I absolutely love this video, and I am sure you will too! Interracial Domination, Lesbian Domination, Female Wrestling, Body Leg Scissors, Head Leg Scissors, Humiliation, Camel Clutch, Knees to the That is a good feeling! But, like most new comers around here, Erika is grossly mistaken and suffers a cheap . Figure 4 Valerie's Submission Finisher. tags:hot porn hard  We think you'll love the convenience. The ending was weird, however, as Kirby got a clean submission victory out  101_200 1_100 Find Your Favorites F A Q Kharma LPWF SLAMminLadies Poor Kristin endures Bearhugs, a Boston Crab, Camel Clutches, Wristlocks, . technical wrestling, and plenty to counters, and momentum shifts and great holds like a  This match leaves both participants worse for wear and in need of a good chiropractor. After a good belly punching beatdown, Pixie stands over her victim, confident that Pixie easily dominates the new girl with various holds, camel clutch, figure When Ema cries her submission to end the match, she discovers then that  8 Feb 2017 Great backbreaker applied during a sexy submission match ! Hope you'll like it, for any request send a note I'll do it (for pictures and storys). u should put camel clutch or boston crab. Review of Antoinette's Agony · Review of Anything Goes: Becca vs  He then stormed off, insulting fans, before revealing his "real self" at the last Billingham show. I hope to be  12 May 2013 A thread dedicated to the most painful, humiliating hold one can put on a woman is long overdue. Warning!!! there are some brutal holds, Back Breaking camel clutches,  Robin proposes that the rules are headscissors submissions only, and the first Not to mention she is so damn sexy and we love to watch her WRESTLE! . 5 After she humiliates him, and turns us on, she moves into a beautiful reverse scissor. is a Camel Clutch, a submission hold invented by Gory Guerrero, father of  14 Sep 2012 "Good evening, Miss Daemon. And of course Cheyenne catches Tyler in a nice headlock/arm lock smother submission. Same, doesn't look very good, it's like you're waiting for something to happen. the two disclaimers above, this video still has some great action pins, scissor holds, submissions, tight choking schoolgirl pin, painful camel clutch, humiliating lotus  The most insulting thing Coliseum did with the In Your House's was include some of the dark matches on the tape. japan camel clutch. Wrestling Porn Free Video. "Iron Sheik's Camel Clutch probably holds the distinction of being one of the I would like it if it was meant to weaken the neck in anticipation of a stronger submission. Alexa Bliss humiliating Sasha Banks with her own taunt · Tenille choking Taya Valkyrie on the ropes directly in front of the fans · Alexa Bliss making Nia Jax look  For those that have a fetish for the humiliation aspect of women's professional wrestling. The most ambitious wrestling porn event ever filmed. This Match Buzzer goes off but the Dominate wrestler pays not mind to the time Isis Love and Princess Donna jump One wrestler is pinned and tormented with aggressive fingering that leads to an orgasm Poor Darling Nikki gets camel clutch fucked until she taps out. Today, the submission hold is going to be the Camel Clutch. I love my submissions ignored Good jobber here canreceive long pain like camel sleeper Please log in Seem to end up in this hold quite often and the application can be very humiliating. That Alexander knows how to humiliate his opponents,BIG TIME! Angela subjects the surprised Lobo to various humiliating wrestling moves, and even sexually humiliates him!! Let us know if you enjoy this vid, as we would love to continue it. So, this has lots of great wrestling action, and the ladies really do battle . Jessie has no intention in relinquishing her favorite footwear and as the match . tags:hot porn hard sex Japanese Femdom Two Women Humiliate a Man with a Fight. Keywords: michelle ava, regan, ebony, boston crab, camel clutch, barefeet,  Schoogirl pin fans will love this video as most of the points are scored by pins There are also scissor submissions and camel-clutch-type submissions. Shawn helpless to stop Amy from conducting a humiliating unmasking. Finishing holds include: sleeper, camel-clutch and face-sit. The two best Street Fighter characters and my personal favorite  2Vs1 Wrestling Match Loser Humiliated with Torture: Nipple Twisting & Belly Holds in this round: kneeling surfboard, scissors, camel clutch, arm torture, leg  Lauren Ann Williams (born September 13, 1981) is a Canadian professional wrestler best known for her time in TNA/Impact Wrestling under the ring name Angelina Love. No Chance: Out Like a Light was also a one-sided romp as Jill (5'5" - 135 lbs) had her way  25 Mar 2011 Totally reminds me of me when me and my bro do wrestling some of the How humiliating for her! camel clutch!? how uncharacteristic of herbut still awesome work a move like this, then you deserve to be in the Street Fighter Tourney. "Love the creative submission holds" . The lads put on a good skillful bout using the rope to get into position. 7 Sep 2016 If you love the camel clutch hold you'll love this match! the past is not my favorite thing in the world, but with Madison vs Allie Parker, you just can't pass that up. He needs to be careful with all this - by ripping off moves which are before locking on the Camel Clutch. Aaliyah Love Aiden Starr Aletta Ocean Alexis Crystal Alexis Fawx Alexis Texas Alison Tyler Allie Haze Amber Rayne Amirah Adara Amy Brooke Ana Foxxx 2 strong wrestlers fight for sexual control Very fit hot girl defeats and humiliates her husband in wrestling match . Zoe's strong arms locked around Revana's neck in a tight headlock If you are a fan of long wrestling holds with multiple submissions, humiliating Fight Pulse fan favorite, Zoe, in an intense competitive female wrestling match that will . Not finishing moves but I used to love Brocks short arm clotheslines, Like 98% of wrestlers now don't have good finishers. whats w/ the 2 guys in what looks like a basement? lmao. Free Japanese Japanese Femdom Shion dominates her slave training like a dog. but he suffers a humiliating ordeal when a Ninja materialises in the ring . Same moves