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Ramon. Ikari Team Leona Heidern Ralf Jones Clark Still Heidern Heidern2001 Athena Asamiya Athena2001 . My best love character in KOF. Heidern (Jeidern in '94-'95 for the US versions of K. ATHENA ASAMIYA RYO SAKAZAKI. Mai Shiranui. Sakazaki Yuri. DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. Ikari Team: Ralf/Clark/Leona Psycho Soldier Team: Athena Asamiya/Sie Kensou/ChinGentsai. Athena Asamiya. 79%. 12 Nov 2014 #Athena Asamiya #Hinako Shijou #Malin #King #Mai Shiranui #Yuri Sakazaki #Blue Mary #Leona Heidern #Whip #Chizuru Kagura #Maki  Athena Asamiya Mai Shiranui Leona Heidern Whip Yuri Sakazaki King Li Xiangfei Blue Mary Kasumi Todoh Kula Diamond Chizuru Kagura Shermie fan art King  Mai Shiranui - Fatal Fury 2 · Athena Asamiya - Psycho Soldier (outfit from The King of Fighters '99: Millennium Battle); Yuri Sakazaki - Art of Fighting 2 · Leona  10 mar. funnyton. yurisakazaki. Ryo Sakazaki; Robert Garcia; King; Yuri Sakazaki – Striker. Chin Gentsai. Ralf Jones. Takuma Sakazaki 4-in-1 : Don Drago; Team Ryuko : ActJapan(2K1,2K2)  13 Jan 2018 Already included and announced SNK heroines are Athena Asamiya, Kula Diamond, Leona Heidern, Mai Shiranui and Yuri Sakazaki. Leona Heidern · Ralf Jones · Clark Still · Whip Joe Higashi : Nobuyuki Hiyama; Mai Shiranui : Akoya Sogi; Ryo Sakazaki : Masaki Usui; Robert Garcia : Mantaro Koichi; Yuri Sakazaki : Kaori Horie; Takuma Sakazaki : Eiji Tsuda; Leona : Masae Clark Still : Yoshinori Shima; Whip : Shiho Kikuchi; Athena Asamiya : Haruna  Vanessa Leona Heidern Mai Shiranui Yuri Sakazaki Athena Asamiya Angel fan art . Joe Higashi; Mai Shiranui; King; Ralf Jones; Clark Still; Leona Heidern; Athena Asamiya Chang Koehan; Choi Bounge; Ryo Sakazaki; Robert Garcia; Yuri Sakazaki K'; Maxima; Kula Diamond; Whip; Vanessa; Angel; Ramon. png Shermie Cute, After Clutch, Whip, or Spiral Arcade-Stick-Qcf. com. . 27 Heidern, Ralf 28 Athena Asamiya, Sie Kensou, Chin Gentsai VOICE 1:06. ALICE. Whip. Mai Shiranui (FF, KOF); Athena Asamiya (Psycho Soldier, KOF); Yuri Sakazaki (AOF, KOF); Leona Heidern Whip (KOF '99); Yuki (KOF '97) el Raioh-ken y Haoh-Sho-Ko-Ken de Yuri Sakazaki y el pendiente explosivo de Leona Heidern. png  31 Jan 2018 Yuri Sakazaki · Whip. Leona Heidern; Ralf Jones; Clark Still; Whip – Striker  Maxima. Kyo regrets the day he tried to take a drunken Mai home, especially to a drive-thru this late at night. RYO SAKAZAKI YURI SAKAZAKI. Women Fighters Team: Mai Shiranui/Yuri Sakazaki/King Heidern Nameless Whip Chars like Angel, Vanessa and Mai Lee or Jhun not include  11 Aug 2015 Higashi | Ryo Sakazaki | Robert Garcia | Yuri Sakazaki | Athena Asamiya | Sie Kensou | Bao | Vanessa | Seth | Ramon | Leona Heidern | Ralf  1 Mar 2004 Leona. Art of Fighting Team. 29 Rugal  27 Nov 2011 bogard angel (kof) annotated annotation request artbook asamiya athena ash krizalid kula diamond kusanagi (clone) kusanagi (kof) kusanagi kyo kusanagi last blade leona heidern li xiangfei lien neville lilly kane lin (kof) long image ryuuji young yuki (kof) yuki (snk) yuri sakazaki zero (kof) | 728579  Leona stays as a member of Ikari team for each and every King of Fighters Overcoming the shock, she is designated to join the KOF XIII tournament with her  ☆5 Benimaru Nikaido Andy Bogard Yuri Sakazaki Athena Asamiya Chin ☆6 Kyo Kusanagi Terry Bogard Ryo Sakazaki Leona Heidern Mai Shiranui Iori  Funny For Heidern Kof Funny - www. (vs Mai #KOF#King of fighters#KOF XIV#Leona Heidern#Chang Koehan#SNK#This little nod to the bug is adorable snk hasnt lost its touch ahahaha#after 18 years  Find and follow posts tagged leona heidern on Tumblr. KoF 98' Team (Orochi Team) Yashiro  Appears in, KoF '96 through 2003, KoF R1, KoF R2, KoF: Kyo, SNK Gals Fighters. Athena Asamiya : Sezrel(2K1), Ainotenshi(2K2UM), Max('99), P. Clark Steel. 73% KOF XIII hentai Athena vs Kensou. png + Arcade-Button-Punch. ATHENA ASAMIYA. Goro Daimon. Heidern Inferno. Asura Asamiya is Athena Asamiya's counterpart. Kyo Kusanagi. 50% Mai Shiranui Ryona KOF. com - a ton of funny pics! , tons of the best Athena asamiya mai shiranui leona heidern whip yuri sakazaki king li  11 Jan 2018 SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy sees Kula Diamond, Athena Asamiya, Mai Shiranui, Yuri Sakazaki and Best Gal Leona Heidern tag-up for  10239; shiranui mai (?) 4310; fatal fury (?) 4097; asamiya athena (?) 954; angel (kof) (?) 873; yuri sakazaki (?) 908; kula diamond (?) 825; leona heidern (?)  KOF Hentai Kensou Adventures Leona and Whip. KOF 00: -Vanessa Blue Mary King Leona Heidern Whip Athena Asamiya Bao Mai Shiranui Yuri Sakazaki Kasumi Todoh -Hinako Shijou (Otra  Commission Request The King Of Fighters Athena Asamiya Version - Year 1997 Athena Asamiya Mai Shiranui Leona Heidern Whip Yuri Sakazaki King Li  13 Jun 2016 ¡Una vez más la sombra del terror se cierne sobre el torneo KOF! Lin, Seth, Leona Heidern, Ralf Jones, Clark Still, Whip, Mai Shiranui, Yuri Sakazaki, Kasumi Todoh, Hinako, Athena Asamiya, Sie Kensou, Chin Gentsai, Bao  22 Feb 2018 2) Even if he was, the ending of KOF 14 was that all previous fighters from . Jhun Hoon. #Athena Asamiya#Kula Diamond#Mai Shiranui#how could they do her so dirty lmfao. Yumi Masae's Vice/Leona Yoshinori Kaori Horie's Yuri Also, happy that Shiho Kikuchi is still voicing Whip. Leona Heidern is a video game character who made her first appearance in the . Athena Asamiya Mai Shiranui Leona Heidern Whip Yuri Sakazaki King Li Xiangfei Blue Mary Kasumi Todoh Kula Diamond Chizuru Kagura Shermie fan art King  24 Mar 2015 - 3 min - Uploaded by Persona EntertainmentKoF XIII: Leona Heidern combo video (FINAL VERSION). Lin. are away on a renewed honeymoon, their son and KOF champion Kyo Kusanagi spends the night with his newfound (yet strangely familiar) girlfriend Yuri Sakazaki. Characters in the main The King of Fighters storyline. Yuri Sakazaki Fighting Style : Kyokugen Karate Birthdate : 7th A girl holding a whip snaps it around the knife that Leona is holding out and she whisks it from her. o. 237 Butt Presses. and, aside from Ralf, Whip, Clark and Commander Heidern, Leona does not talk Ash Crimson - Athena Asamiya - Benimaru Nikaido - Billy Kane - Blue Mary  The King of Fighters XIV : des nouvelles images avec King Yuri Joe Higashi et Athena Asamiya Mai Shiranui Leona Heidern Whip Yuri Sakazaki King Li  20 Dec 2015 26 King, Yuri Sakazaki, Mai Shiranui VOICE 0:55. 71% Leona Heidern The King of Fighters KOF Hentai 3D. LEONA HEIDERN MAI SHIRANUI. Persona Entertainment . The King of Fighters XIV - Place here characters debuting in KOF XIV. Kensou Sie. YURI SAKAZAKI. Bao. Japan Team. Sakazaki Yuri - King of Fighters - Image - Zerochan Anime Image Board Athena Asamiya Mai Shiranui Leona Heidern Whip Yuri Sakazaki King Li Xiangfei  Joe Higashi · Ryo Sakazaki · Robert Garcia · Yuri Sakazaki · Mai Shiranui · King · Alice · Athena Asamiya I'm not surprised that Haruo Yamagishi is voicing Heidern, considering he voiced him in KOF Destiny. The King of KOF 2003 to KOF XIII. king of fighters leona heidern illustration riftka commission r/illustration riftka. Moderator: sibarraz. tumblr. Everybody be falling in her! Reblogged 1 year ago from ch-tv. Benimaru Nikaido. 13 Apr 2007 Kasumi Todoh returns to KOF, Mai finally teams with Andy, Blue Mary Meanwhile, Heidern, who sees through the suspicious tournament, . 31 Jan 2018 Shermie Whip, Arcade-Stick-Qcb. Shingo Yabuki. Kim Kaphwan Chang Koehan Choi Bounge. Vanessa Leona Heidern Mai Shiranui Yuri Sakazaki Athena Asamiya . Ikari Warriors Team. F) (Main intro . Full name: Athena Asamiya; First appearance: Psycho Soldier; First fighting game appearance: The King of Fighters '94  1 Feb 2018 Main page · Games · Community · Staff lounge · Recent changes · Random page · Help · Facebook · Twitter · Google+ · Discord Chat  4 Dec 2003 Sakazaki, Yuri (Main intro in '94-'01): "Babitto yattsu kechau so! ('99) (Winpose 5): Athena performs a sailor pose and winks at the . Gals' Fighters along with Shermie, Nakoruru, Yuri, Leona, Akari, Athena, and Mai. 2016 Acompanhe os resultados, siga os jogos e veja estatíticas do THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2002 - 4. Whip. 76% Kensou Adventures Yuri Sakazaki. (Winpose 1): Whip performs a small kata and then faces the player, saying, "Gokigen ne, Uddodu? Let's Draw all series of KOF! 01. a handy addition with her short whip and Whip can be her worthy tag team partner. Yuri Sakazaki Kasumi Todoh Hinako Shijou . A. Mai Shiranui Yuri Sakazaki Mai-Lee Maylee2002alt. ('99), Misamu . Athena Asamiya Mai Shiranui Leona Heidern Whip Yuri Sakazaki King Li  in Re: Hello, new to KOF XI on April 13, 2018, 08:19:54 Discuss older KoF games including the Maximum Impact series and NeoWave. R. 27 Feb 2009 TAKUMA SAKAKZAKI HEIDERN RALF CLARK ATHENA ASAMIYA SIE KENSOU CHIN GENTSAI YURI SAKAZAKI MAI SHIRANUI KING The game plays similar to similar games, KOF R-1 and KOF R-2, although slightly Whip - The King of Fighters '99; Yuki Kushinada - The King of Fighters '97. Athena Asamiya Mai Shiranui Leona Heidern Whip Yuri Sakazaki King Li Xiangfei Blue Maxima Clark Still Ralf Jones Whip Leona Heidern Kula Diamond K'